The Curriculum

The curriculum is taught directly from the Word of God and designed to impart revelation knowledge, as well as practical knowledge pertaining to each subject. In addition, study aids and suggested reading materials are provided.
The academic calendar consists of three terms of 3 months.  Each student must complete all four terms in order to graduate and achieve the maximum benefit of the program.  At the end of each term students are required to give a sermon or teaching presentation.  These presentations enable students to exercise and develop their teaching and preaching skills while gaining confidence in front of an audience or video camera.

Service Outreach

Putting the knowledge learned in the classroom into practice is an important component of the learning process at the School of Ministry.  Real-life ministry experience is emphasized in addition to regular class attendance.  This is accomplished through school sponsored service and outreach activities including domestic and foreign mission trips and volunteer work with numerous local based ministries in your area.  Students are required to earn service credits by participating in service and outreach activities.
Some of the opportunities students will have include:

1. Mission trips to countries such as India, Zambia, Nairobi Kenya, Logos Nigeria and other places abroad.
2. Prison ministry
3. Street witnessing
4. Inner city women and children’s ministry
5. Feeding the homeless
6. Nursing home ministry
7. Hospital visitation
8. Altar and prayer ministry
9. Preaching and Teaching

Technology Program

Another important part of our mission at the School of Ministry is to equip our graduates with the skills and tools necessary to effectively minister the gospel.  Therefore, we incorporate technology tools and training directly into our students’ learning experience; to help them use technology in more innovative and effective ways.

In support of this mission, students are required to have access to a computer and the Internet while enrolled in the program.  The following services are offered to students in support of this requirement:

1. Assistance with basic computer skills such as email, word processing and presentation software is offered to students while enrolled in the program.
2. Computers will be utilized extensively for homework assignments and for interaction with instructors and administrators.
3. Computer support resources will be available to students to assist them through technical problems that may arise during the school term.

Class Schedule

The 9-month school year consists of three terms:  Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Classes are held once a week using On-Demand Internet technology.

Attendance is tracked when as students login into the On-Demand site and is calculated as part of a student’s overall grade point average.  Since the classes are offered On-Demand the student will have 5 days to take the class.  After the 5th day if the student has not taken the class the student will be considered absent and will not receive credit for the class.