2020 Open Enrollment


The Global On-Demand School of Ministry prepares students to pursue their highest calling in Christ. While from a variety of backgrounds, our students have one thing in common; they hunger for more of God and to make a difference in this world through Jesus Christ. The Global On-Demand School of Ministry equips and empowers students to do just that. So whether you are an established minister or pastor, a busi­ness person, or just beginning to discover your purpose and call, The Global On-Demand School of Ministry has something to offer.

The school was founded in 2007 to offer believers practical, Spir­it-led Bible instruction for victorious Christian living and ministry preparation. Each year the School instructs people from various countries, ethnicity and backgrounds who are seeking greater understanding, and trains them on how to skillfully and confidently apply God’s Word in their daily lives.

Our curriculum is comprised of two programs which immerse students in the Word of God and draws them into close fellowship with the Holy Spirit. A major thrust of the school’s curriculum is to impart vision and to help students receive revelation knowledge as they study the Word of God. Students leave with a better understanding of their purpose in life, and a strong biblical foundation that will lead to success in all areas of their lives.

In closing, God gave us a charge when we started this school, “Because people will never have an opportunity to physically come to school, take the same training to them; equip them and launch them out.” Hence, whether you are called to be in the ministry or simply desire to deepen your understanding of God’s Word, I urge you to prayerfully consider joining us for a life-changing learning opportunity that will strengthen your walk with the Lord and empower you to fulfill your God-given destiny!

Drs. Michael & Terri Bradley, Founders

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