I must say that the class was AWESOME!!!! Things are being UPROOTED and PLANTED!!! My sub-floor is being laid and I see God operating in FAITH, SEED and LOVE in my life. God has given me the ability to CHANGE things even if in the natural it appears that it isn’t so.

When the enemy says I can’t, I come back with the WORD of God!!!! I can SEE it, I VISUALIZE it! The curse has been REVERSED!!!! I live in the DIVINE FAVOR OF GOD!!!! The POWER of GOD multiplies in my life. Gloria Butler, Student

Dear Dr. Michael Bradly I highly appreciate you for such amazing gifting the lord has deposited in you: as it is written in job 32:8 But there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the almighty giveth them understanding, there is a powerful inspiration in you. You have been of great help to me through the training and the teaching of the word of God. It has been a golden opportunity in my life. It is an eye opener, the eyes of my understanding in the word of God has been enlightened and now I am at least able to comprehend matters concerning the bible as well as the concept of the ministry. I have come to understand that God expects us to sow the seed of his word to the whole world and make the nations to be his disciples and he has guaranteed us the signs and wonders as we spread the gospel of Christ .Through the training am being transformed and revived to perceive the things of God like never before I am being renewed in the spirit of my mind by the Holy spirit of God to be even more courageous to advance the Gospel of Christ through Evangelizing to the individual that encounter everyday preaching to them the love of Christ, repentance and holiness and that Christ is the only way to the father; the training has also helped to be more acquainted to my gifting as a pastor and it’s responsibilities so as to walk and work within my gifting as the grace of God enables me.

I now have the passion of leading as many souls to Christ as the lord will grant me the grace to do so. Therefore I thank God who led this mission and vision to Kenya. The global on demand school ministry, has brought transformation in my life and the entire community. May the lord empower and increase this ministry, may the lord bless you and our founder Dr. Michael Bradly. – Pastor Moses Sitanda, Kenya Graduate


During the school year, I was able to find out who I am.  I now know who I am and what God created me to do!”  Gregory Hill, Graduate

The school opened a whole new light to the Word for me.  I now know that God has called me to intercessory prayer and evangelism.  It was incredible!  I would definitely recommend the school to anyone trying to understand their call.” Angela Hill, Graduate

Loosing my business partner of 35 years, I was facing with a most difficult time in my life that impacted my business, finances, resources, and was left with a task of closing my corporation and saying good-bye to our clientele of years. During this difficult time, the Lord led me to Global School on Demand Ministry. I am so overwhelmed in the immense and profound teaching of Dr. Michael Bradley, an Apostle of God, who thru the direction of the Holy Spirit, has brought into my life a new understanding that is above the spiritual realm that I had been walking in. The understanding that there are mysteries in the “Word” that when revealed thru Revelation Knowledge, all things are possible. For our Lord speaks Revelation. Even though the class has students scattered throughout the States in our own individual location, the Anointing has transferred upon each student thru our praise. I am no longer the person I was when I came into this Ministry. My ears are hearing, and my eyes are seeing the marvelous works and promises the Lord Jesus, the WORD, has for me. No other teachings has ever affected me more than Global School on Demand Ministry. Thank you Dr. Bradley for your obedience to the Revelation that was put on you and in sharing the deep mysteries that can only be received thru spiritual maturity. Global School on Demand Ministry brings us to this maturity in the spiritual realm.
- Marilyn Hudec

The GODSOM offers so many fantastic opportunities for growing as a Christian and preparing for ministry. Everything you will experience through the courses, workshops and academic programs will have a great impact on your life and calling. I strongly encourage you to consider enrolling!” Jenny

Praise Jesus man of God, and all in leadership of GODSOM.

I am humbled this day, for this golden opportunity, to stand out as one of the most excited pioneer graduates of GODSOM KENYA.

I sincerely, appreciate, and respect the entire GODSOM Family, who had a vision, and dream. Worked on it tirelessly around the clock, Initiated at all costs for the fulfillment of th…e JUST PURPOSE / CALL of our almighty Jehovah God. “Reach out to ALL MANKIND with the WORD / GOSPEL” Halleluiah…!. Thank you Jesus.

May the Lord who sees in secret, bless you in public, and see to the full realization of GODSOM DREAM globally. Amen.

I must also thank my fellow pastors of GODSOM-KENYA, in the leadership of Pastor Peter Njihia to have come this far despite, the challenges encountered while in Training Period, that dates back Sept.2013 to June 2014. i.e transport, materials, fewer and failures of computers at Cyber Café among others.

It’s my heartfelt desire, and prayer, that GODSOM TEAM, and GODSOM – KENYA establishes STRONG FOUNDATION, based on mutual Ideas, Understanding, Honest, and Respect to see Professionalism of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:- Teach, Train, and Send, more Fishers’ of Men to villages, and the rest of the world. For this is the Prime purpose of GOD, and GODSOM. (HEBREWS 13:20-21)

Finally I extend my best regards to you Dr. Bradley, and family. May you live to see GODS’ Purpose being manifested through GODSOM at large for the Glory, and Honor of the Most High Jehovah God. God bless GODSOM Family, and let DEUTERONOMY 31:6, and ISAIAH 14:27 be its PILLARS. Amen.

Bro.Ronald Bakoko Sichangi