SponsorshipAnother important part of our mission at the School of Ministry is to equip our graduates with the skills and tools necessary to effectively minister the gospel.  Therefore, we incorporate technology tools and training directly into our students? learning experience; to help them use technology in more innovative and effective ways.

In support of this mission, students are required to have access to a computer and the Internet while enrolled in the program.  The following services are offered to students in support of this requirement:

1. Assistance with basic computer skills such as email, word processing and presentation software is offered to students while enrolled in the program.
2. Computers will be utilized extensively for homework assignments and for interaction with instructors and administrators.
3. Computer support resources will be available to students to assist them through technical problems that may arise during the school term.

Introducing Kindle at School

We can now centrally manage a Kindle reading program using a self-service tool. With this tool we are able to reduce the administrative cost and complexity of distributing books to students on their Kindles or any device with the free Kindle app, including iPad, Android phones and tablets, PCs, and Macs.

Student Engagement with Books

Kindle excites students about reading. The same great features that help you lose yourself in a book on Kindle translate seamlessly to the classroom, helping students learn to read or study more effectively. With Kindle, students no longer need to be discouraged by the size of a book or self-conscious when carrying their books to class.

Books for an Entire Class in Minutes

Our instructors can now think of an eBook and have it distributed to an entire class wirelessly in minutes using a self-service online tool.


In support of this program now donors can sponsor a student by donating a kindle-device.  By sponsoring a student many will given the opportunity participate in higher education, while being introduced to new technology concepts (i.e.- the cloud, wireless networks, tablets, application, etc).

To inquire about sponsorship, email us at info@thegodsom.org or fill out the contact form below.