Welcome to GODSOM-U

The Global On-Demand School of Ministry was designed to prepare students to reach their full potential in Christ. Our students have one thing in common; they yearn for more of God and are eager to discover what God called them to be in this world. The Global On-Demand School of Ministry programs were developed to help you discover God’s plan for your life. Therefore, no matter what your background is or how much or little experience you may have the Global On Demand School of Ministry will assist you in discovering your call.  

The GODSOM was founded in 2007 to provide believers with practical insight into the Word of God, and to prepare them for ministry. Each year the School prepares people from various countries, ethnicities and backgrounds who are seeking greater understanding of the Bible, and trains them how to effectively apply it to their daily lives.

Our curriculum is comprised of two programs, the certification and the degree program. Both were developed to expose students to the deeper things, found in the Word of God and to move them closer to a relationship with God.  The major thrust of the school’s curriculum is to impart a greater vision and to help students grow, as they study the Word of God.  Our goal is that each student will discover their purpose, and rediscover a love for the Word of God.

After graduating from Bible School, we realized many will never have an opportunity to physically come to school, therefore it was our responsibility to take the gospel to them; equip them and teach them to live a victorious life.  Ergo, we encourage you to consider GODSOM for you educational needs and taking advantage of this great opportunity to restart your life and equip yourself for your God-given destiny.

Drs. Michael & Terri Bradley, Founders